1. Non proprietary open source code.
    This means the code can be modified by PHP programmers and you don't have to rely on any specific company to make these changes. There are 1,000's of skilled oscommerce developers out there, this will lower your maintenance costs as you are not loocked into any specific cart provider rates.
  2. Huge advanced feature set.
    We have added in most of the popular contributions that many oscommerce shop owners pay to have installed, like SEO urls and custom meta tags, coupons, vendor & drop shipping etc. etc.
  3. XHTML code
    You wouldn't believe it but most of the large shopping cart companies shopping cart software is still written in old table based code. Table based code is bad for ranking in search engines and is sloppy and has a overall outdated appearance.
  4. CartStore has a advanced templating system and big store functionality.
    If you pay someone to develop a site on plain jane oscommerce it will cost a lot because it has no template system. Our platform has been developed specifically for building ecommerce websites, we have 4 years of coding into it! Someone starting off with a plain jane version of oscommerce is going to have to make many lengthy code additions and changes to pull off some of the tricks and features in some of today's largest and most advanced online stores.

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